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Mayn Music Videos

Shot October 24th, 2020

Mack Sennett Studios

Jack Cannon designed and programmed the lighting for four music videos in October of 2020. These videos were filmed for music artist Mayn (Charlie Maynard)

Three videos have been released, and can be viewed in 4K here:

You Got It
Call & Response

Building The Design

The producer and artist wanted to draw inspiration from Nonotak, a studio focused on creating dreamlike experiences with video, audio, and light.  The first idea was to use fourteen Astera Titan Tubes to light up translucent curtains/cycloramas. However, with being unable to find two forty by fifteen-foot translucent curtains within budget, we began rethinking our design. We decided upon using heavy haze in place of curtains to fit the budget. We also determined that we wanted to incorporate movement within this design. This led us to explore the usage of moving light bars such as the X4-bar by GLP and the Chorus Line by Elation. After testing different effects, we decided upon using six GLP X4-20 bars that would be mounted vertically on six-foot steel pipes. Within a heavily hazed environment, the X4-20s were able to fill the atmosphere with their 50-degree zoom and create detailed lines with their 10-degree zoom. To aid the design as eye-candy, Mark Ravenhill of German Light Products (GLP) provided us with twelve prototypes of the CL1+ wireless/magnetic lighting fixture. These fixtures came with a clear and a diffused cover. To create a better ring-like eye-candy look with them, we built onto the fixture with magnets as seen in the image to the right. These fixtures were on their first field test during this music video and became a great detail within the final design. 


Creating a design for this production was the easy part. The difficult part was the programming. The design was programmed completely within Capture 2020 pre-visualization. It was programmed on an MA2 Light over the span of three weeks. To assure lighting lined up on film, all thirteen minutes of music were timecoded. Lots of trial and error played into fine-tuning a program that visualized the intent and story of the music. By the time the programming was finalized, 351 effects were programmed, 3,109 cues were stored, and fifteen Starbucks Vanilla Lattes were consumed.

Equipment provided by:
Kinetic Lighting, Cann Light Productions, Los Angeles Audio Rentals, and German Light Products

Lighting Designer/Programmer: Jack Cannon
Director of Photography: Christian Colwell
Producer: Helen Sartory
Photographer: Kirby Gladstein



Final Design (minus CL1+)




CL1+ with Magnets

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